How to write a Research Paper for SCI Indexed Journal

SCI Indexed Journal Research Paper

Science Citation Indexed Journals (SCI Indexed Journals) are looking forward for interesting research papers having novel approach towards the problem domain. The research paper consists of five sections as follows. I am not sure if you will be able to understand all the terms, but make sure you comment in the comment section below if you miss something. Also, we have introduced some important terms that you should know before you begin with research in computer science. We shall definitely revert back to you regarding the same. It should be kept in mind that you should understand why you are going to pursue research before you actually go for it. The answer will give you the idea if you are ready to put a SCI indexed journal paper. Although there are many fields which are related to science and in which one can write a SCI indexed research paper. However, we intend to provide the information about Computer based SCI indexed papers as the writer belongs to computer research field. Hence, try to relate your domain with this article, as you go on, and find similar elements which are relevant to your area before you read how to start writing a research paper to publish in SCI indexed journal.

Writing a Research Paper
Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper


The introduction part shall contain information about research domain, research gaps and challenges, applications to which your proposed approach will be suitable, previous research works which are similar to that of your domain and what are problems and missing parameters in the previous studies, your major contributions towards the approach of writing a research paper, which you are following and structure of the research paper in brief.

Related Work

In this section, the evolution of different techniques should be discussed as a storyline. This should include who started what, next comes what and why, the research gaps in each paper and what improvements have been done by the following research papers.

Include research papers from SCI indexed journals and A/ A* conference or the papers which have higher citation score.

Also, explain in detail what key parameters were missing which you are going to include and how it will be beneficial.

The literature survey sets the foundation of any research work. This is done to find the existing approaches which have already been used and the results which have been obtained in your area. You may try changing parameters in the existing research work but this may or may not lead to good results. Once you find good results, you may start finding SCI indexed journal to publish your research work. This is merely very important to clearly bring out the motive of your experiments and evaluation.

Materials and Methods

In this section, you need to explain your approach in detail. Create the architecture, flowchart or diagrammatic representation of your research work. Also, add potential algorithms and images along with mathematical proofs for your approach.

This section plays pivotal role in defining novelty.

Explain the algorithm step-wise and indicate where your approach overcomes the existing techniques. Explain the existing techniques as well to set the baseline for comparison. You may also find the implementation details of the existing research papers. This implementation code can be used for comparative analysis of your work with the baseline measures or existing techniques.

Experiments and Evaluation

In this section, experimental setup needs to be defined. Indicate which datasets you are going to use and why. Explain all the features of the dataset along with the ground truth if any. Explain in detail how you are going to validate your work with respect to the existing research work and on the basis of which performance measures. Explain performance measures. Show your results in tabular forma and prove them theoretically (with respect to speed, time taken and complexity) in the form of graphical representation. You may record graphical results for performance measures for instance in the form of ROC curve. Note that you have to implement your proposed technique using publicly available data before writing a research paper.


In this section, you need to write how your contributions have improved the vision towards this research domain. You need to focus on the result section and improvements with respect to the baselines. You should also include the scope for future with respect to your approach in this area.

When I was doing research work, I came across the word SCI indexed journal on the first day of my doctorate and learnt the fact that it is mandatory to publish research papers in SCI indexed journals and A* Conferences. There are two ways with which one can publish the research papers in SCI indexed journals which are as follows.

Right Approach

The right approach focus on writing section to publish SCI indexed research papers. This approach is research paper based. You need to include all the contents which are required one by one. To make it possibly sure, you should switch to data science and machine learning for any type of your problem domain. You can consider the other research papers in same area where machine learning has not been considered. Use Weka tools for machine learning implementation. After all…

Remember… Research is an Art!

You need to have complete idea about the Weka tool or any other tool which you are going to use before writing a research paper. Application based research papers are always preferred and usually recommended in the computer science research community.

Right Attitude

The right attitude focus on the quality and novelty of the research papers to publish in SCI indexed research papers. This approach is based on understanding. Use Python and Matlab for coding machine learning algorithms. Give potential approach to understanding and solving problems with a novel approach. The novelty in machine learning with respect to your domain can be embedded with feature engineering. This is so because all the clustering, classification and regression algorithms are predefined and you need to show novelty for understanding the data. Every research paper of SCI indexed journal is a research contribution and you should focus on all such questions which can be asked which thesis submission before you submit your paper to SCI indexed journal.

writing a research paper
Research paper

Which SCI indexed journals should I approach?

Check this list of SCI/ SCIE indexed Journals by Web of Science. This list will enumerate all the SCIE indexed journals. In order to find the journal with respect to your research work where you should submit your work, check Journal Finder for Elsevier.

Few most important publishing house for SCI/ SCIE indexed journals are

  • IEEE Transactions
  • ACM Transactions
  • Elsevier
  • Springer
  • Emerald Insights

Another way of choosing the right journal to publish your research paper in SCI indexed journal can be explored in the link given. This is merely helpful for all those candidates who have already written the research paper and are looking forward to link their research paper to the scopes and objective of the right journal with respect to their research work. You may also write up an email to the editor before you submit your paper. In this email, you should mention the summary, abstract, title and keywords of your research paper and ask the editor if he/ she is interested in this kind of work. You may float this email to editors of multiple journals. However, as per research ethics you are not allowed to submit your research paper to more than one journals or any combination of journal/ conference/ symposium/ workshop at one time.

How to write research paper

  • Collect the dataset for your research work.
  • Read the relevant research papers and summarize them in form of storyline. At the end, indicate the flaws in existing techniques and decide what you are going to contribute. Write in Section: Related Work
  • Make the flowcharts and architecture of your proposed technique. Write pseudo-codes in Section: Proposed Work
  • Implement the technique on your and others’ dataset.
  • Implement existing techniques.
  • Record results in the form of performance measures and graphical representations for visualization.
  • Jot down observations in Experiments and Evaluation.
  • Write abstract and conclusion
  • The manuscript can, now be written based on your contributions.

It is important to include all the features for each section as discussed earlier to include in the research paper. This shall lower your chances of rejection. You should clearly indicate what you are selling. Your work should be like a unique product which you are selling which in turn will be accepted only if it is useful/ or interest to the other research community. To begin with writing research paper for SCI indexed journal, it needs lot of brainstorming and understanding of your domain.

For any other concern about research in computer science, data science and machine learning, do comment in the comment section below. We will be happy to serve you with better information.

Happy Learning!!!

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