Making your Research International from National | Thinking beyond UGC Approved Journals

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Doing research is a great trend these days. Quality of your research paper is more important than that of quantity (Number of research articles/ book chapters). Other than the level of publishing research articles, which has been described in our previous articles, there exist another classification for the level of research articles namely national and international.

National Research Paper to International Research Paper

The research papers which are published at national level is considered to be national research in India. However, recently many academic researchers felt the need to go beyond national research. Thus, international research came into picture. Facing presentations at international conference is much valuable than presenting at national conference. People tend to pitch their research to international market since the internet has become popular. International journals, being online, are the huge source of information for present research scholars. PhD duration has been shortened due to less efforts required for exploring the literature resources. There are many resources which are available online for self learning as well.

High Visibility

Always choose journals and conferences which have huge visibility. The Core conferences as stated earlier are the most prestigious conferences in the world. The core, as the word suggests, means that the conference is title specific. Only those articles which are related to the conference title, are accepted. As the acceptance rate is low, only intellectual candidates are selected to present their research paper and research work in such conferences. Its more likely that more experienced researchers and scientist visit such conferences, with whom you can collaborate in near future. It is usually suggested by eminent professors that candidates pursuing their PhD, should visit such a conference at-least once during their doctoral. Thus, one should write a research article or review article for SCI indexed journals or Core Conferences.

During Doctorate

It is usually tough to achieve an outstanding research paper and even more difficult to pitch your research work to a wider audience. Your research paper needs lot of concentration and caliber to excel. Thus, your interest shall determine your destiny. PhD is not a degree and therefore one should understand why he/she is pursuing PhD as mentioned earlier. Also, there exists some inspirational quotes by scientists which one should fix on his desk to get inspiration for publishing his work internationally. When you are moving in computing, many seniors and academic researchers and scientists will suggest you to go for data science and machine learning, so that you may take your research paper which is visible world wide. 72.67% of the professors agree to this statement:

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Professors and teachers agree to the fact that their life is well balance in terms of work culture and domestic lifestyle. Unfortunately, this is true for Indian teachers only. Foreign professors and teachers are usually involved in industrial development with respect to their research. The level of pressure, research paper publishing, and research work in US and UK is far more than the culture in India. Therefore, teachers from universities in UK and US receive much more respect than average teaching profession in India. Although there are many professors of CFTI institutes who are highly respected, but 69.6% of the assistant professors of state universities are still not involved in research paper publications.


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