Life of a Research Scholar: Part Time PhD v/s Full Time PhD

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This topic has been one of the most demanding topic by PhD aspirants to know the life of candidates of part-time PhD or full-time PhD. Are either of them really happy? Do they have time for other thing and if yes, then how much and when? and much more…

After working as research scholar for three years and working on niche project as senior research fellow, I have experienced many thing while doing full-time PhD which are common for most of the regular research scholars. Similarly, there are many other things which are common in part time PhD. With this experience, I am going to pen down the information about common lifestyle of full-time PhD and part-time PhD. Before that please note that

We are no one to judge which mode is better. This is because good and bad is subject decision with respect to the circumstances and many other factors which you may take in consideration as features to rank different modes of PhD’s. Lols!

As I always say,it is always good to know that why you want to pursue PhD. If you are mesmerized by life of a research scholar, don’t take your decision on the basis of what others are doing and what others are saying. Research inspiration for you should be YOU. It should come from your inner soul. You might definitely get inspired by many frequent research quotes to excel in your field. But you should know that why that suits you. You should be mature enough to take decision of pursuing PhD very wisely.

The biggest misconception is that after pursuing PhD, one is only suitable for teaching. This is the biggest mistake which candidates make. Do proper research so that you may serve the society with your unique skills. 80% researchers in world are pursuing PhD for a research based business.

There are two modes of pursuing PhD in many countries including Asian countries namely Part-time PhD and Full-Time PhD. In part-time PhD, one should take the course work through correspondence and in full-time PhD, usually the candidates stays within the organization for minimum 2-3 years depending upon the organization. There is lot of debate on scholarship amount for pursuing PhD with or without PhD but it is beyond the scope of this article. In this article, we will discuss the lifestyle of PhD research scholars as part-time PhD and full-time PhD.

Lifestyle of Full-Time PhD Research Scholars

Teaching Assignments

It is a common saying in PhD that students who pursue PhD do not have life. PhD candidates are neither students not teachers. They have to take teaching assignments in-order to welcome the scholarship. This is their duty but I think we get to learn a lot with these assignments. However, PhD candidates tend to avoid this

Regular Presentations

Presentations are part of their life. Giving presentations to guide every now and then becomes part of their life. In few colleges there are invited lectures, progress report submissions, workshop and conference where presentations are compulsory.


This is the best and the most refreshing time of every regular PhD candidate. 11 – 12 am and 3-4 pm and 6-7 pm snacks time is the best part of PhD. They prefer having long discussions about their work. For me… this is the best time of the day… Lolz!

Tea-time and snacks with-in group of researchers shall make you feel educated and intellectual. The sense of being part of the intellectual community will give you inner happiness and internal satisfaction with what you are doing.

Workshops and Conferences

The best trips and tours which are followed by PhD candidate is attending workshops and conferences. Attending conference gives you immense pleasure and this is the point when you feel the flavour of PhD. Doctorate is all about living lavish life with great reputation. As I said earlier, PhD is an art. The artist representing his work in front of the international audience including world’s best artists in your domain. You would love to represent yourself and this zeal shall lead you to immense satisfaction. These conferences keeps your life lively and happening enough to touch upon the flavour of international research. One should be aware of international conferences which are worth visiting in his/ her domain.

Regular PhD is joined by only those candidates who actually know why they want to go for research, the real meaning of their life. NEVER NEVER NEVER go for PhD if you want to earn. PhD is something beyond earning, something beyond labor, something beyond products and services. Once you decide the change which you want to bring to the society, you will love your work and enjoy it. Once you build your research aptitude, you will love your life and get addicted towards it. It will give beautiful meaning to your life.

Usually after job people get settled and find boring to survive. But trust me on this, research is something beyond survival, something beyond society. Your society is the international networking which you build by your research, by your contacts.

Lifestyle of Part-Time PhD Research Scholars

I usually found part time PhD scholars very dim. Although, there are several PhD scholars who do part time PhD and complete it before regular scholars. This is the matter of interest. Keeping everything going on along with job and other responsibilities, sometimes do not work. In Part time PhD, you usually do not have

  • Teaching Assignments
  • Scholarships
  • Tea-time with scholars

However, part-time scholars often visit workshops and conferences to present their papers. It is very important to publish papers even if you have completed with your research work. Understanding the right technique to write research papers is very important. To build research aptitude, either one should have done masters degree or should be regular with PhD professor or guide. It is very important to stay in your department atleast for six months and complete with your assignments. Publish one research paper and then go for conversion. To feel the flavour of research, usually 6 months of regular research work is highly recommended by professors. After all

PhD is the matter of pride.


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