Practice Previous Years Discrete Mathematics for NTA NET

The Discrete Mathematics Previous Year questions from UGC NET Computer Science and Applications for NTA NET

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1. Match the following:

  1. Glass                         i. Contains liquid crystal and serves as a bonding surface for a conductive coating.

2. Conductive coating   ii. Acts as a conductor so that a voltage can be applied across the liquid crystal.

3. Liquid Crystal           iii. A substance which will polarize light when a voltage is applied to it.

4. Polarized film           iv. A transparent sheet that polarizes light.


a  b   c   d


2. Which of the following statements is/are incorrect ?

(a) Mapping the co-ordinates of the points and lines that form the picture into the appropriate co-ordinates on the device or workstation is known as viewing transformation.

(b) The right handed cartesian co-ordinates system in whose coordinates we describe the picture is known as world coordinate system.

(c) The co-ordinate system that corresponds to the device or workstation where the image is to be displayed is known as physical device co-ordinate system.

(d) Left-handed co-ordinate system in which the display area of the virtual display device corresponds to the unit(|x|) square whose lower left handed corner is at origin of the co-ordinate system, is known as normalized device co-ordinate system.


3. Which of the following is/are the principle components of a memory-tube display ?

(a) Flooding gun                      (b) Collector

(c) Phosphorus grains            (d) Ground

Codes :


4. A technique used to approximate halftones without reducing spatial resolution is known as ……………..


5. Which of the following is/are side effects of scan conversion?

  1. Aliasing
  2. Unequal intensity of diagonal lines
  3. Over striking in photographic applications
  4. Local or Global aliasing

6. Which of the following categories of languages do not refer to animation languages ?



  1. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

8. In perspective projection (from 3D to 2D), objects behind the centre of projection are projected upside down and backward onto the view-plane. This is known as …………..


9. A segment is any object described by GKS commands and data that start with CREATE SEGMENT and Terminates with CLOSE SEGMENT command. What functions can be performed on these segments?


10. Consider a raster grid having XY-axes in positive X-direction and positive upward Y-direction with Xmax= 10, Xmin = –5, Ymax = 11, and Ymin = 6. What is the address of memory pixel with location (5, 4) in raster grid assuming base address 1 (one)?


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