Practice Previous Years Discrete Mathematics for NTA NET

The Discrete Mathematics Previous Year questions from UGC NET Computer Science and Applications for NTA NET

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1. In perspective projection (from 3D to 2D), objects behind the centre of projection are projected upside down and backward onto the view-plane. This is known as …………..


2. A segment is any object described by GKS commands and data that start with CREATE SEGMENT and Terminates with CLOSE SEGMENT command. What functions can be performed on these segments?


3. A technique used to approximate halftones without reducing spatial resolution is known as ……………..


4. Which of the following is/are side effects of scan conversion?

  1. Aliasing
  2. Unequal intensity of diagonal lines
  3. Over striking in photographic applications
  4. Local or Global aliasing

5. Consider a raster grid having XY-axes in positive X-direction and positive upward Y-direction with Xmax= 10, Xmin = –5, Ymax = 11, and Ymin = 6. What is the address of memory pixel with location (5, 4) in raster grid assuming base address 1 (one)?



  1. Which of the following statement(s) is/are correct?

7. Which of the following is/are the principle components of a memory-tube display ?

(a) Flooding gun                      (b) Collector

(c) Phosphorus grains            (d) Ground

Codes :


8. Which of the following statements is/are incorrect ?

(a) Mapping the co-ordinates of the points and lines that form the picture into the appropriate co-ordinates on the device or workstation is known as viewing transformation.

(b) The right handed cartesian co-ordinates system in whose coordinates we describe the picture is known as world coordinate system.

(c) The co-ordinate system that corresponds to the device or workstation where the image is to be displayed is known as physical device co-ordinate system.

(d) Left-handed co-ordinate system in which the display area of the virtual display device corresponds to the unit(|x|) square whose lower left handed corner is at origin of the co-ordinate system, is known as normalized device co-ordinate system.


9. Match the following:

  1. Glass                         i. Contains liquid crystal and serves as a bonding surface for a conductive coating.

2. Conductive coating   ii. Acts as a conductor so that a voltage can be applied across the liquid crystal.

3. Liquid Crystal           iii. A substance which will polarize light when a voltage is applied to it.

4. Polarized film           iv. A transparent sheet that polarizes light.


a  b   c   d


10. Which of the following categories of languages do not refer to animation languages ?


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