PostDoc Position and PhD: Towards a Measurement Theory for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

Peter Flach, Turing Fellow, University of Bristol offers PostDoc Position and PhD

Professor is offering a two-year postdoc position starting early 2019 to work on the important topic of measurement theory and its uses in machine learning, data science and AI. PhD positions may also available. Please get in touch if the below sounds of interest.

Issues of measurement are of particular importance in inductive sciences including data science and artificial intelligence, for example when we asses the capability of our models and learning algorithms to generalize beyond the observed data.

This project funded by the Alan Turing Institute will seek to make fundamental advances in our understanding of capabilities and skills of models and algorithms in data science and AI , and how to measure those capabilities and skills. Just as psychometric has developed tools to model the skills of a human learner and develop standardized (SAT) tests, so we need similar tools to model the skills of learning machines and have standardized benchmarks which will allow skill assessment with only a few well-chosen test sets.

This is a great opportunity to work on a timely and important topic and spend time at the Turing Institute. To be considered for this postdoc position you need a solid background in machine learning, excellent mathematical skills and an interest in foundation based research.

Note: Before you apply for this position, you should have good number of SCI/ SCIE indexed research papers with reference to recent SCI/ SCIE indexed journals list 2018 and/ or review paper. Alternatively, you should have published your research work in core ranked conferences.

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