PhD Degree and Scope of Doctorate Degree Holder

phd degree

The PhD degree is the most prestigious achievement in every discipline. It, not only make you specialist but also determines the level of understanding and capability to know and adapt the existing things and people around. It makes you little more mature and little more interesting. Once you fit in the tag of PhD, the expectations are automatically increased. You are expected to be wiser and more intellectual than any other generalist in your domain.

PhD degree is the doctorate degree awarded by different universities in several parts of the world.  Many countries follow different methodologies and disciplines to award this prestigious degree.  A person can do PhD degree in the same field in which he/she has completed his Post Graduation already. The person who is carrying out PhD degree must do substantial research work in the respective field and presentation of thesis which must be accredited by other academicians.  If u have real passion towards the subject to an extent that you can provide new orginal contribution to it or greatly interested in teaching then PhD is for you. You have to start searching for your PhD as early  as possible. It is very important to track the interest before you start for your PhD degree. Go through the checklist before you begin your PhD as described. PhD can be pursued in full time mode and part time mode. One of the most interesting and common question is how to find the PhD position and what is the scope of PhD degree holder.

Mark these words:

PhD. is not a degree, it is a CAREER

To pursue your career as specialist, your doctorate degree can fetch you great position. It is really important to know why you want to pursue PhD and some inspiration to find a phd could surely help you out. For me, it was difficult to choose the option among private job and PhD. Since I was eligibile for Junior Research Fellowship, it helped me to explore the option of PhD. I found many data scientists as an inspiration to go for PhD in data science and thus, think beyond.

Knowing your area of interest for pursuing PhD Degree

It is very important to find out which particular discipline of your subject interests you the most in order to start pursuing your PhD degree. Without knowing this first you won’t be able to pursue your PhD degree meritoriously. Just start observing which topic in class excites you the most and drives you into thoughts, If something has crossed your mind when you read this now, then yeah you’ve found it already! How to find an interesting topic for your PhD is another big query which every PhD aspirant have. One should surely go through it and make your realize that you actually have certain likes and dislikes.

Find an appropriate guide for PhD Degree

Keep in touch with Professors, researchers and also other PhD students who are already doing their doctorate.  Take care in choosing the right guide so that he/she  will be able to guide you in the right way.  The Guide plays an important role in the journey of a doctorate scholar.  If you end up in choosing someone who doesn’t put up with you then your condition will be the same as a dog which has rolled in something smelly. Following are the different types of guides

  1. Who have ample of time or who do not have time at all
  2. Who have knowledge or who do not have knowledge
  3. Who can guide properly or who cannot guide properly
  4. Who can solve all your misceleneous problems including all type of official and paper work, or who direct you the path to authentic work
  5. Those who are very strict and you are afraid of communicating with them or the ones who are loose enough to accept your opinions
  6. Who need wor, or the ones who need RESEARCH PAPERS
  7. Who are keen to make you finish your PhD, or who wants you to sit and give golden eggs as RESEARCH PAPERS
  8. Who are very ego conscious, or who wants you to connect with other researchers and discuss

You choice about guide should be very prominent. This is because you have to work with him for several years. Just like your interests, it is important that your frequency matches with that of your guide. He should compliment you and control you as and when needed. It is very important to find a RIGHT guide for doctorate degree.

How to find a PhD degree position?

The most important thing before pursuing PhD degree is finding what are you really interested in.  You need to study university rankings in the field you are interested.  Keep in touch with the professors and PhD students who are associated with the same domain as in which you are interested so that you can find the right path towards it. Following tips may help you to find a better PhD position

  1. Find an appropriate Guide for your project
  2. Always remember that expert guide is always preferred over universities/ institute
  3. Institute/ University can provide you varying resources and fellowships but you guide is the prime source of information who can make you or break you.
  4. Send ample of emails stating the statement of purpose to experts
  5. Find potential contacts using LinkedIn
  6. Use Social Media platforms and you networking to find the position
  7. Always keep options in your hand. Never rely on single commitments before everything else gets finalized

Scope after PhD Degree? .

A PhD scholar obtains mastery over the field he studies.  He respects the Discipline in which he is doing his research.  Doing PhD degree increases his/her capacity of doing research and learning.  In order to achieve in research he/she will have to cross horizons which are already existing in the particular field to come up with something new and extraordinary. After completing your PhD degree you have ample amount of job opportunities waiting for you.

  1. You may become a Lecturer in a prestigious institution
  2. You may carry out extensive research again as post doctoral or research associate
  3. You can also apply for administration posts in universities
  4. Career advice jobs also await you to work as a consultant.
  5. Different from the crowd, begin with start up or your own research centre.
  6. Many Government Sectors are usually interested to employ PhD scholars.

Online PhD Degree courses

Many universities around the world confer Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) courses and Doctorate of Business administration (DBA) courses online.  These types of courses are offered online so that students who find it comfortable to research from homes can earn a PhD online.

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