NTA NET Study Material and Preparation for Computer Science and Application

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The Preparation Strategies for UGC NET Computer Science and Application have been given. To prepare for UGC NET Computer Science exam, following information is required before you give any attempt. We hereby provide you the complete NTA NET study material notes for computer science and application to prepare for NET exam. These notes have been prepared from reference books list. We ensure you 100% success with our following study material based on analysis of survey on UGC NET preparation for Computer Science and Applications.

NTA NET Study Material Notes for Computer Science and Applications

  1. Discrete Structures
    1. Introduction
    2. Computability
    3. DISCREATE MATHS (Graph Theory)
    4. Groups
  2. Computer Arithmetic
    1. Introduction
    2. Logic Families
    3. Representation of Integers
  3. Programming in C and C++
    1. Programming in C
    2. O – O Programming Concepts
    3. C++ Programming
  4. Relational Database Design and SQL
    1. Introduction
    2. SQL
  5. Data and File structures
    1. Introduction
    2. File Structures
  6. Computer Networks
    1. Network fundamentals
    2. Reference Models
      1. Data Link Layer
      2. Network Layer
    3. Data Communication
    4. Internetworking
    5. Routing
    6. Network Security
  7. System Software and Compilers
    1. Assembly language fundamentals
    2. Loading and linking
    3. Text editors
    4. Compilation and Interpretation
    5. Context free grammars and Parsing [Parser Notes II]
    6. Intermediate code generation, Code generation, Code optimization
  8. Operating Systems ( with Case Study of Unix ) :
    1. Introduction
    2. Memory Management
    3. Concurrent Processing
    4. Scheduling
    5. UNIX
      1. The UNIX System
      2. Filters and Commands
      3. System Calls (like)
  9. Software Engineering
    1. System Development Life Cycle ( SDLC )
    2. Software Metrics
    3. Software Design
    4. Coding and Testing
  10. Current Trends and Technologies
    1. Parallel Computing
    2. Mobile Computing
    3. E – Technologies
      1. Electronic Commerce
      2. Electronic Payment Systems
      3. Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI )
      4. Digital Libraries and Data Warehousing
      5. Software Agents
      6. Broadband Telecommunications
      7. Data Warehousing
      8. Data Mining
    4. Windows Programming
    5. Simple Applications ( in windows )
    6. Advanced Windows Programming

UGC NET CS Paper III ( A ) Core Group

Unit – I

Computer Organization

Unit – II


Unit – III

Unit – IV

Unit – V

Computer Network

Unit – VI :

Unit – VII :

Unit – VIII :

Software Engineering

Unit – IX :

Unit – X :

UGC NET CS Paper III ( B ) ( Elective / Optional ) : NET Computer Science Syllabus for Paper III which is not included in Paper II

Elective – I :

Elective – II :

  • Models for Information Channel
  • Variable Length Codes
  • Error Correcting and Detecting Codes
  • Image Processing
  • Data Compression Techniques

Elective – III :

  • Linear Programming Problem
    • Complexity of simplex algorithm(s)
    • Ellipsoid method and Karmakar’s method
  • Assignment and Transportation Problems
  • Shortest Path Problems
  • Network Flow Problem
  • Matroids
  • Non-linear Programming

Elective – IV :

  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Systems

Elective – V :

  • Unix
  • Windows

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