NTA NET CSA Test Code NN1805

1. Data Mining can be used as …………….. Tool


2. Link analysis operation in data mining uses…………………..technique


3. The Maximum payload of a TCP segment is


4. The extent to which a software tolerates the unexpected problems, is termed as


5. Which model is simplest model in Software Development?


6. A software project was estimated at 352 Function Points (FP). A four person team will be assigned to this project consisting of an architect, two programmers, and a tester. The salary of the architect is Rs.80,000 per month, the programmer Rs.60,000 per month and the tester Rs.50,000 per month. The average productivity for the team is 8 FP per person month. Which of the following represents the projected cost of the project?


7. Module design is used to maximize cohesion and minimize coupling. Which of the following is the key to implement this rule?


8. In Unix, files can be protected by assigning each one a 9-bit mode called rights bits. Now, consider the following two statements:

  1. A mode of 641 (octal) means that the owner can read and write the file, other members of the owner’s group can read it, and users can execute only.
  2. A mode of 100 (octal) allows the owner to execute the file, but prohibits all other access.

Which of the following options is correct with reference to above statements?


9. Which of the following is true?

(I)Each object in the active directory of windows 2000 has an access control list.

(II) The scheme is a blueprint of all objects in the domain of windows 2000.



10. The versions of windows operating system like windows XP and window Vista uses following file system


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