NTA NET CSA Test Code NN1801

1. You are given an OR problem and a XOR problem to solve. Then, which one of the following statements is true?


2. If the Fourier transform of the function f(x, y) is F(m, n), then the Fourier transform of the function f(2x, 2y) is :


3. Which of the following points lies on the same side as the origin  with reference to the line 3x + 7y= 2 ?


4. Compute the value of adding the following two fuzzy integers:

A = {(0.3,1), (0.6,2), (1,3), (0.7,4), (0.2,5)}

B = {(0.5,11), (1,12), (0.5,13)}

Where fuzzy addition is defined as

μA+B(z) = maxx+y=z (min(μA(x), μB(x)))

Then, f(A+B) is equal to


5. What is the best method to go for the game playing problem?


6. The traveling salesman problem involves n cities with paths connecting the cities. The time taken for traversing through all the cities, without knowing in advance the length of a minimum tour, is


7. A technique used to approximate halftones without reducing spatial resolution is known as


8. In propositional logic P ⇔ Q is equivalent to (Where ~ denotes NOT):


9. Which of the following neural networks uses supervised learning?
(A) Multilayer perceptron
(B) Self organizing feature map
(C) Hopfield network


10. A __________ point of a fuzzy set A is a point x ∈ X at which µA(x) = 0.5


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