Preparation Strategies About UGC NET Computer Science and Application

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UGC NET Preparation for Computer Science Aspirants

UGC NET aspirants have little guidance to clear this national level examination with high zeal and enthusiasm. There is no specific strategy given by potential successful aspirants. I, on the behalf of my successful friends, wish to disseminate this information about successful attempt of UGC NET for Computer Science and Application.

I am UGC NET (LS, JRF Qualified), 3 times GATE Qualified (Scored 600+) and pursuing my doctorate. I have come across many UGC NET aspirants in my domain and a large number of GATE aspirants. After quality conversations for about 6 years, I have identified some tricks about UGC NET Preparation for Computer Science and Application subject.

  • Subjects: There are more than 25 subjects for this exam for Computer Science candidates.
  • Know why: There are many candidates who have no idea about why they are appearing for this examination.

Its better to be silent than to bark 

  • Solve previous years: Once you commit, first step is to pick previous years. This step will keep you focused on topics.
  •  Attempt Test Series: Must step for preparation. Attempt few test series which are according to new syllabus and topic specific. Test series with irrelevant topics shall cause stress.
  • Consistency and Focus: Focus on specific topics and solve questions regularly. Even if you do not get time to study subject on any day, do solve 10 questions to maintain consistency. It will give you wonderful results.
  • Make short notes: Make short notes only in third revision if you reach till there.

How many hours should I study for UGC NET CSA? : Effectively 8 hours for 100 days. More than enough if you are doing smart-work. For hard-work even double of this time is lesser.

Strategy to prepare for UGC NET Computer Science:

  • 100 + 4T: Study for 100 days consistently, attempt full-length test every 4th day and analyse your performance. Keep updating subjects and keep revising.
  • Short notes: Make short notes for last minute revision like closure property table, complexity table etc.
  •  6+1: Spend 6 days week for studying and solving previous years and spend 1 day to revision. Do not rush. It is important to retain than to run.
  • Discussion: Due to vast syllabus, it is very important to discuss. This will bring good insights about different points of important topics. It will help you at the end and will give wonderful results.
  • Previous Topics: 95% of the topics are repeated topics of previous years question paper. You just need 70% to be in top. Study only those topics which are in previous year question paper. Revise 3 times. You will be 100% through.

Good Luck!

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