Top 22 Universities for Masters of Information and Data Science

Data science is a broad based field where scientific methods and techniques are used to extract information and insights from data in various forms. The scientific techniques could be processes or algorithms specifically curated to solve this. Data is extracted and analyzed on the industrial basis to obtain and edge over the others in industries and businesses. Thus, masters, MS in data science has been most demanding degree of 21st century. This is indeed a very interesting field of research for Ph.D. in Computer Science graduates.

It is today one of the most challenging and picked up career options for students because of the use of the latest technology and vast knowledge it has to offer. Data science basically is standing onto three pillars: Statistics & Machine Learning, Computer Science and Software Development and Domain Knowledge.

To Geoffrey Hinton “This is a much more robust way of identifying objects”.

Masters in Data Science from a top university is a dream of countless students across the world.


The Big Data is considered to be the big business plan for the next generation. To be one of the emerging, fast-paced and multi-billion dollar industry, the old and new organizations and companies alike are making attempts to take the maximum advantage of the data which they already have and based on that, further determine what additional data they need to acquire. As per the International Data Corporation, the market for big data is likely to increase at a rate of six-fold in comparison to the overall IT industry by the end of 2019.

To make the most of the opportunity at hand, acquiring a master’s degree in Information and data science from a reputed data science school is considered to be a great idea in order to acquire the skills and experience which are needed so as to stand out in the upcoming data-centric world. Recruiting such employees also helps the employer to get an edge over the rest.

What does a Masters of Information and Data Science degree offer

The Master in Information and Data Science (MIDS) is a degree program for the individuals who are wishing to make a career in the field of information and data science. The course ’s multidimensional approach covers the aspects of planning and collecting the data in order to analyze and summarize the outcome. The variety of the aspects covered in this program examines the topics of security, explains machine learning, and covers the various methods of data storage and management. The students have to gather the insights of the business decision-making process as well as the operational processes by making the use of the information and data available at hand.

Masters in Data Science: Top Universities in the World

  • Georgetown University, Master of Science in Analytics with specialization in Data Science

Only graduates and working professionals are eligible to apply for the course. The full-time students can get their degree within a period of two years. The course is generally engaging the students during the late afternoon or the evening for the convenience of the working professionals. The student-teacher ratio is 11:1. The Average Tuition fee is $46,272/year

  • The University of South California – Masters of Science in Computer Science

The program has more than 40 well qualified and experienced faculties from the prestigious Institute for Creative Technologies and Information Sciences Institute. There are courses in data systems along with data analysis. Specializing electives such as numerical methods, information visualization, optimization theory and applied probability are offered. The student-teacher ratio is 9:1. The Average Tuition fee is: $41,592/year

  • The South Methodist University – The Applied MS in Statistics & Data Analytics Program

The faculties are world-class, having extensive academic and research experience in the field of data analytics. It is an 18-24 months course. It offers specialization in big data analytics, statistical data analysis, statistical computing, database management, and data mining.  The students are also trained to be able to clear the SAS Certification exams. The student-teacher ratio is 11:1. The Average Tuition fee is $40,896/year

  • University of San Francisco-Master of Science in Analytics

The program duration is 12 months full-time. It has a state-of-the-art open source curriculum with topics like statistical modeling, machine learning, marketing analytics, business strategy, and data visualization. It features an analytics boot camp to help the students to learn to work as a data scientist. The students develop and run analysis about the Amazon Web Services. The student-teacher ratio is 14:1. The Average Tuition fee is: $23,310/year

  • University of Washington-Master of Science in Data Science

At the institute, the student-teacher ratio is 17:1. The Average Tuition fee is $15,207/year. It has nine core courses along with a capstone project. The specializations offered are software engineering, machine learning, statistical modeling, and data management.

  • The University of Virginia-Charlottesville, Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS)

This is an 11 months program which begins in the month of July and ends in May. The faculties are from a diverse area like statistics, computer science, and information engineering. Towards the end of the program, the students undergo a capstone experience in the form of a data science challenge.

  • Arizona State University-Master of Science in Business Analytics

The course starts in August going on for 9 months. The classes are conducted online on weekends and during the weekdays on the campus. Since it is a designated STEM program, the international students get a scope of 36 months of employment in the country after graduation.

  • The Central Florida University – The Masters of the Science with Data Analytics

The duration of the course is 16-20 months. Instruction is offered in a face-to-face format with courses offered in the evenings and on weekends. Since it is a designated STEM program, the international students get an eligibility for an Optional Practical Training after the graduation. The Courses include data preparation, machine learning, network science, statistical analysis, text mining, and data mining.

  • Oklahoma State University-M.S. in Business Analytics (MSBAN)

It is a four-semester program. It is available online as well as on-campus. It has an average 21% of acceptance rate every year. Since it is a designated STEM program, the international students get a scope of an additional 17 months of optional practical training. The unique features of the course are SAS boot camps, OSU SAS Certification, real-time company projects, and research projects.

  • Kennesaw State University-Master of Science in Applied Statistics (MSAS)

This course utilizes statistical programs like SAS and Minitab for analyzing the data during the first semester. The students complete an applied project by utilizing the real-world data to reflect their learnings. The students also have an opportunity to get a Six Sigma Black Belt in the second year for enhancing their career opportunities.

  • Seattle University-Master of Science in Business Analytics

The program tries to bridge the gap between the scientists and the practitioners. The topics covered are data mining, mathematical models for decision making, data visualization, and programming. The student-teacher ratio is 12:1. The average Tuition fee is$19,353/yearThe applications are reviewed twice every year.

  • University of Rochester-Master of Science in Data Science

This is one of the best-offered master’s in data science programs in the world. Prospective students are from different backgrounds like engineering, math, science, and business. The specializations are available in health and biomedical sciences, computational and statistical methods, or business and social science.

  • DePaul University-MS in Predictive Analytics

The students are allowed to choose from four different specializations including computational methods, marketing, healthcare, and hospitality. The students have access to multiple resources such as Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Center, the DePaul Analytics Student Group. The students take up sponsored projects or internships in their desired areas. The student-teacher ratio is 15:1. The Average Tuition fee is $18,960/year.

Other top universities for the course are as follows

  • The University of Texas at Austin-Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • The University of California at Berkeley-Master of Information and Data Science –
  • The University of Colorado-Boulder-MS in Computer Science with an emphasis in Data Science & Engineering
  • Colorado State University-Master of Science in Applied Statistics (MSAS)
  • University of Iowa-Master of Science in Business Analytics
  • University of Oklahoma-M.S. Data Science and Analytics
  • Georgia Institute of Technology-Master of Science in Analytics
  • North Carolina State University-Master of Science in Analytics
  • Purdue University-Master of Science in Business Analytics and Information Management.


These are some of the best universities for pursuing the masters in information and data science. They may be labeled differently and each course may have some advantages over the other. All of these courses begin at different times of the year and have different selection criteria. For this, a student must firstly shortlist the university of their choice and then identify the nature of the entrance into the same. Some universities have criteria of age, while the others have qualifications and experience. On meeting the same, the students can apply for the course of their choice and pursue their bright careers for a successful future.

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