UGC NET Computer Science Solved Question Paper July 2018 Paper II


UGC NET Computer science Solved question paper July 2018 has been given below

Test yourself for previous year question paper of UGC NET 2018 and have complete information about UGC NET Paper II. Solve 7 previous year papers with us along with explanation and concept, we ensure 100% success rate for UGC NET LS exam.

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1. The definitions in XML documents are said to be __________________ when the tagging system and definitions in the DTD are all in compliance.

For more details: Watch this and Read this. This study material provides enough information to attempt 90% questions in UGC NET CSA as the question asked are introductory on XML. 10% of the questions are asked with deep understanding but those can be ignored when you are preparing for UGC NET exam in 6 months because depth of every concept takes its own time.



2. Consider the Javascript code:

var y=’12’;

function f() {

var y=’6′;


function (g) { alert(y); }





If M is the number of alert dialog boxes generated by this Javascript code and D1, D2,… Dm represents the content displayed in each of the M dialog boxes, then:


3. What is the output of the following JAVA program?

class simple


public static void main(String[] args)


simple obj=new simple();



void start()


long[ ] P={3,4,5};

long[ ] Q=method(P);




long [ ] method (long [ ] R)



return R;

} // end of class



4. What is the output of following C program? (Assuming little-endian representation of multi-byte data in which Least Significant Byte (LSB) is stored at lowest memory address.



july 2018 solved question paper net computer



In Java, which off the following statements is/are true?
S1: The ‘final’ keyword applied to a class definition prevents the class from being extended through derivation
S2: A class can only inherit one plus but can  implement multiple interfaces
S3: Java permits a class to replace the implementation of a method that it has inherited. It is called method overloading.

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