Introduction to Artificial Intelligence: Courses in India

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trending since last decade, and many people are keen to know this domain. Usually IT experts tend to explore this field for Job Switch whereas freshers are heading towards Job Hunt due to an increase in unemployment. This increase is an essential step towards creating a better career path in terms of both the IT industry and academic research. Because there are many engineering colleges available in India, AICTE refused to open new engineering colleges in India. It has been observed that INDIA ranks third in research on Artificial Intelligence.

Trending Projects in AI

Recently, we have witnessed an Artificial Intelligence based News Achor is created by experts and have gone live in China. This research project is trending and has set path breaking work in Artificial Intelligence in the world. Apart from this, there are many other complicated machine and automobiles in the world, including jet engines, for which another sticky feet based robot has been launched. The University of California – Berkeley has accelerated the speed of e-commerce websites by creating an Artificial Intelligence based Robot ‘Ambidextrous’. Many people are curious to know if AI is changing the world. Such innovations have led us to some open queries about Artificial Intelligence. These queries are

  • What is the limit of Artificial intelligence?
  • Can the AI based Robot control humans or will it always be human-friendly?
  • How much Intelligent the machine can be?
  • If the machine is intelligent, will it be consistent in long run?

Artificial Intelligence: Materialistic or Philosophical?

The Artificial Intelligence is very materialistic topic. Charles and Turing have introduced both materialistic and philosophical sides of AI, respectively. An interesting query by Dennett is:

Dennett, D. C. (2012). Can machines think?. In Language and Meaning in Cognitive Science (pp. 59-138). Routledge.

He is curious to know that instead of pretending the machines as thoughtful element, can machines actually think? Another scientist Haugeland has written an interesting book on Artificial Intelligence: The Very Idea in 1989

Haugeland, J. (1989). Artificial intelligence: The very idea. MIT press.

The question is that is the Artificial Intelligence matter of generating things out of intelligence or mind? or It is a philosophical concept? This debate is very interesting among academicians. Many students are looking forward for different courses and research in Artificial Intelligence.

Courses in Artificial Intelligence

An initiative by Microsoft: An IT firm Microsoft is going to take an initiative to launch 10 Artificial Intelligence labs and train 5 lakh youth in India. This is an extremely dream course for all the ambitious computer science and engineering students. It has been observed that as per the study of statistics, the average salary of any graduate engineering freshers has the average salary package of around 2.5-3 lakh in India. Based on these statistics, government is making efforts to launch new programs in terms of research and niche technologies. Recently, IIT Hyderabad has launched B Tech course in Artificial Intelligence. IIT Hyderabad is the third institute of the world to begin bachelors in Artificial Intelligence. Apart from IIT Hyderabad, IIT Kharagpur has started new course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Another interesting initiative has been taken by IIT Madras. A professor along with his students of IIT Madras has started a start-up to train students in Artificial Intelligence at very affordable cost.

Apart from these, there are many courses on NPTEL by professors of IIT/ IISc Bangalore over AI and Machine Learning. Many Central universities, CFTI, and other state universities have introduced a course of AI, Machine Learning, Data Science, Network Science in their curriculum. Also, many master courses, for instance, M Tech in Computers and MBA programs gives specialization in AI and Data Science or Machine Learning.

Good Luck! Happy Learning!

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