Preparation Strategy of Database Management System (DBMS) for UGC NET CSA

Database Management System (DBMS) is one of the most important subjects in UGC NET Computer Science and Application national level examination for Paper II. In July, 2018, approximately 10 questions of 2 marks each have been asked which sums upto 20 marks. Among the given topics in syllabus, following topics as mentioned in Figure given below are important and scoring. Normalization and SQL have been the most important topics in DBMS and 21 questions from each of these have been asked in last 14 years.

Important Topics in DBMS

Scoring Topics in DBMS
Important topics in DBMS for competitive exams GATE and UGC NET
  • Normalization includes questions related to 2nd Normal Form, 3rd Normal Form, BCNF and MVD.
  • From SQL, interpretation of queries is very important segment.
  • This has been followed by transaction and recovery in which questions related to strict recoverable, Thomas write back etc have been asked frequently.
  • Next, Candidate keys and ER model are important topics on which 12 and 13 question have been asked in last 14 years
  • Similarly, specialization/ generalization and decomposition are two important topics and from each 9 questions have been picked up in last 14 years. From decomposition, lossless decomposition is less important than dependency preserved.
  • Followed by Data Models, Relational Algebra and Relational Calculus, Relational Schema and DBA/DML containing 4 questions each in previous years.
  • Most of the questions are related to keys and constraints.
  • These days constraint based questions are being asked. Identifying candidate key is another important subject from which 12 questions have been asked in last 14 years.
  • There was one question out of the way related to Data flow diagrams few years ago. But exceptions can be there.
  • Statement questions for True/ False are 95% given from the above topics only.

Advanced Topics in DBMS

There are few topics which are consistent or are uprising in recent years. These important topics in DBMS are

  • ER model
  • Normalization
  • Candidate Keys
  • Transaction and Recovery
  • Decomposition
  • Relational Schema, Algebra and Tuple

If each candidate touch all these topics and study thoroughly, one can easily attempt 90-95% of the questions from DBMS.

Good Luck!


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