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Turning 30’s brings significant turnover in life. For few it means adventurous life ahead and for other it means settlement and following routine untill death. It might be enough for you to get settled in monotonous lifestyle of job v/s home. In India, the decade of 1980’s to 1990’s centuary arouse from traditional farming, pottery and other domestic business to monotonous 9 to 6 job. Thereafter, may people entered IT industry and private sector to earn and make their livelihood better after 2000. However, since 2010, people are aware about the pros and cons that they have to face with monotonous work life in private industry. With significant rise in pay-scale by government, people are looking forward to shift to public sectors. Though there is peace, but no glamorous in 9 to 6 public sector job. There is rich glamorous lifestyle of celebrities but being freelancer, 90% of them have time period of 5-10 years. Either they have to have great artistic skills to bring themselves in picture or they loose work-life balance. Every person cannot be celebrity unless. someone launch you. Are all talented artists popular? It has been observed that from Asha Parekh to well-known Deepika Padukone, from Karan Johar to Tiger Shroff, many celebrities battled depression during their career. Is this the lifestyle they were looking forward for? As per the study of Australia’s Cricketer Association, the survey was conducted for the cricketers after retirement. It has been observed that 97% of the cricketers after retirement feels anxiety, depression and sense of identity loss. Moreover, England’s footballer discussed about his depression diagnosis during World Cup 2018. But, how people started to get into teaching. Little more background before we find why ‘I want to be a teacher’.

Hence, from past few years, better options with both happening, lively and well-balanced lifestyle are being explored. People are looking forward toward social media to create their own blogs and channels.

The number of Blogs and Vlogs is rising since a decade in India. People want people to listen them, to believe their skills, to follow them and to recognize them. Thus, twitter, youtube, FB pages and blogs are trending these days. It has come to saturation. Another area of successful people is MBA and Data science. This is again very time consuming field which have affect your health to earn some bucks. Later, people chose to get settled as business-man or professor in some university after 5-10 years of job post MBA. These are the options which are usually explored for engineers, specially computer scientist. There might be many other streams and fields which is out of the scope of discussion. The question is

  1. What next? Can we have work-life balance along with a lively and happening lifestyle?
  2. Can we think beyond devoting our life to some-one else’s dreams?

Research and motivation behind it is the next phase of lifestyle. Many people told that “I want to be a teacher”. Research is one of the most important factor to get into teaching. Opting research never means that you cannot get depressed or down during research/ doing Ph.D. It just means that you will never have retirement in this field. You have retirement after every service, as celebrity and other but not in Business and research. Business is very closely related to Research. Many people in Asian countries are un-aware about the fact that research is something beyond teaching, something beyond earning, something beyond 9 to 6 job. You need to have some inner inspiration from the core of your soul for why be a teacher? You need to rise your level from normal to intellectual class, magazines to journals, from national speakers to international speakers, from googling and surfing information to finding suitable research papers, from official parties to conferences and workshops, and much more. This glamour shall fetch you a prime position in academics.

  1. Is research all about teaching and professorship?
  2. Is research glamorous?
  3. Can I portray myself as a legend?
  4. Can we go beyond publications?

According to the Forbes, there are about 68.8 Million teachers in the world. Earlier, teaching was all about giving lectures and checking the knowledge of students. These days, teachers are more prone to research and finding new things. This has given teaching profession a unique edge over all other professions. To get into teaching, research is done by objective of implementing new things, new inventions, patents and publishing research papers in SCI indexed conferences and core ranked conferences. The teaching profession is quite adorable and efficient teachers are always respected. You never get retired in this profession. You always try to bring out something new in this.

To get into teaching profession is so adorable that many international researchers and scientists around the world invite them for giving lectures over the topic of research. This is indeed the most respected and unique experience in anyone’s life. Research brings you respect beyond h-index and number of citations. Teaching is always an essence of moving ahead and there are many countries where teaching profession is the most respectable profession as IAS in India. Hence, you need to find your own skills and if it suits you to get into teaching profession, it will bring you happening and joyous life. You will have some motive in your life… Always… Stay little more versed, little more mature and little more intellectual during your career. Believe in yourself and get to know about your potential. You are Genius! and if you are, people should know this and they should respect you for this.

Good Luck…

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