Free Test Series Schedule for NTA NET Computer Science and Application December 2018

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NTA NET Computer Science and Application December 2018 is a big target for aspirants to pursue further higher studies and/ or assistant professorship. Free test series for NTA NET Computer Science and Application for December 2018 has been launched to test the knowledge. Following tentative schedule has been given for test series. For any kind of amendment, you may give your suggestions in comment box. We wish you all the best for free test series of NTA NET CSA hosted by us. Every test will begin at 9:00 am of the day assigned.

Free Test Series Schedule

Test Code: NN1801; 30/11/2018

Artificial Intelligence, Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Neural network, Linear Programming

Test Code: NN1802; 03/12/2018

Automata, Compiler Design, Data and File Structures, Algorithms, Programming in C/ C++, Object Oriented Programming Concepts, Programming Language Concepts

Test Code: NN1803; 06/12/2018

Computer Architecture, Computer Arithmetic, Digital Electronics, Discrete Structures, Graph Theory, Set Theory, Discrete Structure

Test Code: NN1804; 09/12/2018

Computer Network, Operating System, Memory management, Concurrent Processing, Databases and SQL, Oracle

Test Code: NN1805; 12/12/2018

E-Technologies, Windows Programming, UNIX and Windows, Software Engineering, Java and other recent languages (JSON, HTML)

Test Code: NN1901: Full Length Test; 16/12/2018

Although there are many test series which are widely available over internet resources. However, we intend to focus on very few but question specific to NTA NET syllabus. This will help you to evaluate your performance. We hope that our free test series shall make you feel confident and help you in preparation. No negative marking will be done for this test. You will get your results immediately after submitting test. To register, Click Here. The last date to register is 27 November 2018. Thank you for registration. For preparation of NTA NET Computer Science and Applications, refer to

We wish you all the best for your preparation.

Good Luck!

Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below.

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