Role of Computer Science in Scientific Research

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We always take help of computers to solve the problems faced by us since the time of invention of computers, in simple words computer is a machine that can perform different task to help us out. In industries computer perform many task like it can store many types of data files and do other type of tasks, without them it is very difficult to manage things and task, computer also help scientists to do research.Computer can done a task in a few moments which we can’t. The study of computer science and engineering can help to excel the field of computing and higher education in computer research is trending in recent years. The booming trend of data science has evolved with increase in computer science jobs and thus, product based IT industry. Eventually the checklist to begin with research is being stable these days, as the ways to take admission in PhD and other research based positions has been common among candidates. The research community is good in teaching profession and can excel as professorship. The lectureship has been considered to be the most balanced profession in recent years in India.


Some various actions & steps are necessary consider by research process to carry out research & sequencing of these steps.

There are five main parts of research process:-

  1. Hypothetical phase
  2. Planning and designing phase
  3. Collection of data
  4. Analysis for data
  5. Research Publication phase

1. Role of Computer Science in Conceptual Phase:-

Formulation of research problem is consist by the conceptual phase. To store relevant published articles whenever needed conceptual phase is used . This has the advantage over searching the literatures in the form of books.

2. Design and Planning Phase :-

The population, sampling plan, reviewing research are done by design and planning phase.

Computers are also used for Sample Size Calculation: many software’s are available to calculate the sample size required for a proposed study.For the sample size calculation the standard deviation of data from the pilot study is required.

3.Computer Science plays role in Data collection phase:-

This phase consists of collecting and preparing the data for analysis:
research studies, and inputting data is the most time consuming aspect of the work. the data will be initially recorded on a recorder for suitable for its acceptance by the computer. To do this the researcher in conjunction with the statistician and the programmer, will convert the data into Microsoft word file or excel spreadsheet or any statistical software data file.Data collection and Storage: The data obtained from the subjects are stored in computes are word files or excel spread sheets or any statistical software data file. This has the advantage of making necessary corrections or editing the whole layout of the tables if needed, which is impossible or time consuming incase of writing in papers. Thus, computers help in data entry, data editing, data management including follow up actions etc. computers also help in greater flexibility in recording the data while they are collected as well as greater ease during the analysis of these data. Examples of editors are WordPad, SPSS others like ultraedit etc.

4. Computers plays a important role in in Data Analysis :-

Analysis of data done by this phase, hypothesis testing and generalisations and interpretation.
Data analysis: Now a days mathematical part of the research process can be done by many softwares there are lots of software are available that is we can do the calculations using various statistical methods. Softwares like SPSS and spreadsheets are the mostly used softwares. They can be like calculating the sample size for a proposed study, hypothesis testing and calculating the power of the study. Familiarity with any one package will suffice to carry out the most intricate statistical analysis.Computers are also used to monitor the accuracy & completeness of the data as they are collected. These software’s also display the results in graphical char or graph form.

5. Computer Science plays a very important role in Research Publication :-

Preparation of the report or presentation of the results like tasks done by this phase, This is the research publication wprd processing software research article, research paper, research thesis or research dissertation are typed and converted to portable data format (PDF) and stored in the world wide web(internet) and we can also say that published in worl wide web. we can convert our word file into any format like pdf,html and many more by using online sites.There are lots of online sites which do the same for us without taking any charges. Various online applications are also available for this purpose. we can also prepare our document using online word processing software and can store and access it from anywhere using internet.


Some of the most important application used in scientific research are Data storage, data analysis,scientific simulations,instrumentation control and knowledge sharing.Experimentation is the basis of scientific research. A lot of data is generated by every experiment in any natural science that needs to be stored and analyzed to derive important conclusions, to validate or disprove hypotheses. Computers attached with experimental apparatuses, directly record data as it’s generated and subject it to analysis through specially designed software. Data storage is possible in SPSS data file, lotus spreadsheet, excel spreadsheet.
Computers have changed the ways in which scientific research is compiled and analyzed. Scientists, engineers and researchers alike are able to compile vast amounts of data and leave it to the computer to work through the data while focusing on another area of the research project. This creates research results with fewer errors and better-engineered products.Computers are such normal parts of our lives that we often overlook the transnational effect they have had on society. In scientific and social scientific research, computers opened up new opportunities regarding how data can be processed to yield valuable information and we can say that computers help us a lot in research without them there is too difficulty in research programs. Thus, computer science based research have huge impact on data analysis part.

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