12 Reasons to do Ph.D./ Doctorate for a Computer Science Aspirant

Computer science field has gone through a tremendous development in recent years since developing technologies, advanced knowledge and the surge of entrepreneurs has changed the way our world operates. As the opportunities in markets are flooding with candidates bearing  diploma or undergraduate degrees, the importance of higher education has started to rise sharply. More people are now realizing the importance of professional degrees and PhD’s in computer research, especially as per the  earning potential and the future employment opportunities.

A PhD in computer science is based on the existing knowledge of researcher regarding computer hardware and software and enables to establish perfect result.

If four things are followed –

                       having a great aim,

                                acquiring knowledge,

                                           hard work and


                                                                – then anything can be achieved.”

                                                                                                             –   A.P.J. Abdul Kalam 

Many misconceptions prevail around us if pursuing PhD for computer science will be a better path for candidates or not, so, hereby we enlist 12 reasons to do Ph.D. for computer science candidates.

Drive for computer research

Have you ever thought of going beyond books! Is the reading material enough for you to know?

Extend boundaries!

Come out of comfort zone!


 “ True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing- Socrates”

Ph.D. for computer science allows candidates to work on the hardest problems at the edge of human knowledge with a strong track record of transformational research and academic discipline. A computer science Ph.D. offers freedom for research over complex computer science topics, which provides much deeper understanding during research and further, help to reach technical leadership position in our emerging industry.

The process of doing a Ph.D. for computer science enables you to gain a very sophisticated technical background as you get chance to work with highly intelligent peers under accurate mentorship along with discovering new facts, gaining deep understanding in different areas including hardware and software systems, computer theory, and scientific computing.

Let’s not be traditional anymore!

Become a tech knowledge reservoir

Do you know everything about your subject. Is IT job enough for you to be consultant after 10 years of your job?

Know the REAL meaning of CONSULTANT… for…

“Research is creating new knowledge – Neil Armstrong “

Ph.D. in computer science offers an intense exposure to every subfield of Computer Science with a lot of coursework, computer research experience, qualifying exams, a thesis and groundbreaking research contribution to become the leading world’s expert in the area of your dissertation work. The candidates those are inclined to be technical leaders earn a tremendous amount of technical breadth and depth of complex computer science topics while designing a new operating system or proving an algorithm from scratch.

Available opportunities

Ph.D. in computer science offers opportunities including academia, industrial research or development and government research labs with perks like more autonomy, freedom, vacations, travel, creativity, etc. Most preferred job aspects include lectureship in an university and research and development (R&D) work.

But… its not only this!

Along with exclusive R&D organisations, many development centres of giant companies like Adobe Systems Incorporated, Hewlett- Packard Company and many others offers long term research work on latest technologies. The finance and business consulting industries are hiring a number of Ph.Ds in computer science for the role of analysts, consultants or auditors to utilise their superior capabilities and compensate them well.

Many startup companies  require Ph.D. candidates for their technical help over the project.

Do you think your research could be a fruitful business model? This is the time to hit a startup. Take charge!

Developing transferable skills

PhD in computer science will force you to visualise a greater cause and ask you to explore the boundary of human knowledge. Scientific contribution includes figuring out a current problem, methods to tackle it and its impact on world if you solve it. While doing the computer research, many incredibly useful transferable skills develop along with technical and computational skills as researcher needs to use different skill on different levels to extract the useful data. Some useful transferable skills include learning to solve problems, collecting relevant information, communicating while working alone or as a member of a team, meeting deadlines, managing time and many others.


Freedom to implement change and design new product

As knowledge increases, wonder deepens – Charles Morgan. “

In a system oriented PhD in computer science,  you run a zillion measurements and present the results in a way that is both bullet-proof to peer-review criticism and visually compelling to the people. Ph.D. includes deep study of theories and facts on different levels which provides freedom to the researcher to offer the implementation of new changes on a specific topic. With a compelling research agenda, studies allows to design new products in the field of computing also, which is also a great chance for personal growth.

Ph.D.  in computer science will challenge you on many, many levels and compel you to develop skills that you never knew you were lacking in the first place which will increase your appreciation for existing knowledge and let you evolve new results.

Valuable Networking opportunities

Networking is critical to all PhDs as it improves interpersonal skills and allow the candidate to think out of box, not only at academic level. With technology being a major part of daily life, researchers keep looking for  simple ideas to implement computer science for benefit of world via many ways.

While pursuing Ph.D. in computer science, the candidate gets chance to connect with researchers of another field, successful scientists working with latest technologies and people curios about computer science which proves beneficial for the candidate.

Increasing demand in Government agencies

Traditionally, the most preferred jobs for Ph.Ds have been industrial R&D Labs, university positions, and start-ups but now a days, government has shown a keen interest in using technology for the growth of country. Government is preferring the use of electronic communications devices, computers and the Internet to provide public services to citizens and other persons in a country or region to enhance the digital interactions between a citizen and their government, for which various types of government agencies offer different level jobs for Ph.D. candidates of computer science, either directly as program manager, via private-sector contractors or as freelancers also. Some example of such Govt. agencies in india are:

  • ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation)
  • DRDO ( Defence Research and Development Organisation)
  • HBCSE (Homi Bhabha Centre For Science Education)
  • UIDAI ( Unique Identification Authority of India)

    Provide fluency in technical communication

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest – Benjamin Franklin.”

Since Ph.D. in computer science approximately covers all the aspects of latest technology and also, because  our world is relying on technology for our basic needs also, the candidate become fluent in both written and verbal technical communication after going through such deep research in Ph.D. It’s very easy to notice a big gap between the visualisation of software engineers and PhDs in computer science as PhD-trained folks tend to give clear, well-organised talks and know how to write up their work and present the result of experiments with more influence over the current facts about the technologies.

High salaries, less competition

A computer science PhD eventually takes a long time while offering the chance to become a leading researcher in a highly important field with potential for transformational research which is in-demand and well-paid in industry.

It results in less competition on this level since researchers specialise in their respective field along with a vast knowledge of all aspects of computer science. If candidate wants to enter computer science academia, do high-level research in industry or even go for own start-up business, the focused research with long and in depth exploration makes the candidate stand out of crowd .

Statistically, average salary of a candidate with Ph.D. in computer science varies from 1.5 million to 2 million  in India which is approximately 60% more than those with other degrees in computer science.


Can you think beyond millions? About billions

Exciting projects with life changing implications


“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem

and a big idea turn into an innovation – Dean Kamen”                         

Today, all sciences are somehow influenced  by computer science, so by getting involved in this field, you could pursue careers in a vast majority of fields. A PhD can be the ticket to jobs in academia, industrial, entertainment and government organisations.

Ph.D. in computer science let you tackle unstructured problems, thinking new ideas and sketching out basic fundamentals with different tools like inquiring, inventing, exploring, discussing, etc to discover the unknown.

Invited as guest faculty,

Lavish 5 star treatment in India and overseas…

Feel like scientist… Enjoy aura….

Importance of computer science in every field

Today, every industry prefers uses of computers to fulfil various requirements, so naturally computer scientists can work in any prospective. Ph.D. in computer science allows the candidate to provide solutions in science, engineering, health care, and so many other areas by figuring out how, and design and implement certain software to apply the solution.

Better opportunity to work abroad

Like it or not you’re living in  the Digital Age where computer programmes have  infiltrated every aspect of our lives which brings computer scientists in demand computer science of being professionally employed by tycoon companies like Apple, Intel, Facebook, etc.

Computers have gone global, and opportunities for overseas jobs can be easily grabbed with a degree like Ph.D. in computer science which will provide candidate with a deeper understanding of how computers are used around the world.

Happy Learning!

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