Different Ways to Choose Right Journal to Publish the Research Paper

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Research is one of the epic point of mastery in one’s subject. On the contrary, research paper is an epitome of the new findings during this research. In this article, we shall explore different ways to choose research article.

Research is an Art.

The Ph.D./ Research in Computer Science is the field of reading and writing. One should know many different terminologies and get the motivation before pursuing Ph.D. in Computer science and other engineering subjects. Doing research and publishing research paper are the two different aspects of the research. Publishing your research work, often supports your research work for Viva question asked during Thesis submission.

This is what I did! And then…

  • I found those journals from in which these potential research papers have been published. I explored those journals and found different metrics about these journals to choose right journal
  1. Aim and Scope
  2. Impact Factor
  3. Editor and his statistics
  4. h-index
  5. i10-index
  6. Average First Review Time
  7. Average Publishing Time
  8. Recently Published Research Papers
  9. Most Cited Research Papers and Number of citations
  10. Indexing
  11. CiteScore
  12. 5-year Impact Factor
  • After completing my research work,I wrote the research paper for SCI indexed journal.¬†It is always good to find the potential journals before you send your work. This is in the interest of reducing your and editor’s efforts with respect to evaluating the research paper.

There are two ways to choose right journal  in which you can define your requirement. One is about the journal. There are many potential research journals which are included in Thomson Reuter Indexing, SCI/ SCI-E/ Scopus etc. If you have few names from your references, then you can search key parameters about the journal before you explore journals from scratch using abstract and title of your manuscript which is the second approach.

Following things may help you to choose right journals

There are several ways with which you can identify which journal is right for publishing your research papers. But before we discuss the significant tools and resources, we should have some basic idea of the following

Aim and Scope

The aim and scope of the journal plays pivotal role in defining what journal is all about. If you can link your research paper anyhow with the journal, then it is suitable to publish your research work. Also, it is good to mention the relevant words from the scope of the journal in abstract or introduction to defend it through the scope of the journal.

Impact Factor

High impact factor adds the value in your research work if published. The impact factor defines the impact of the research papers which have been published in a journal. This impact is calculated using citations and read counts from the audience. This is common assumption that low impact factor journals can be targeted easily to get research paper published.

It is not always true that you may publish easily in low impact factor based journal.

In-fact number of research papers received by high impact factor journals is much lower and thus, chances of getting your paper published may eventually increase. Thus, choose research journal irrespective of impact factor or with high impact factor.

P.S: It is always good to explore the first impact factor list

Review Time

Some journals take as low as 2 months to publish paper, some may take upto 12 months or even 18 months or even more than that to accept the research.

In my case, my first SCI indexed paper was accepted in 2.5 months and the recent SCI indexed paper took 1 year to get accepted.

Review time is important if you are pursuing Masters or Doctorate, specially in the field of technology. This is because your further research is sometimes dependent on your previous research. It is always good to analyse the fast publications. You may explore Elsevier fast publications in Computer Science and Elsevier fast publications in Mathematics and Statistics and even for more subjects like management with Google search. In Springer, the average first review time is usually given on the website homepage.

Choosing Right Journal to Publish Research Paper

Nevertheless, it is important to explore the journals from scratch before sending the research paper. Thus, following tools and websites can be used to choose right journal for publishing research paper. In each of the following, the snapshot has been given and the areas which have been asked before searching have been enlisted.

Find My Journal

  1. Research Area
  2. Which Journals have you cited?
  3. Purpose of your research work
  4. Article type?
  5. Set of three questions
    1. Are you in hurry to publish?
    2. Want your paper to be accessible online to all readers?
    3. Want to publish in SCI indexed journal only?
  6. Targeting specific audience or wider one?
  7. What content should the target journal focus on?
  8. How does your target journal rate in quality in comparison with other journals in the field?
  9. Finally, enter keywords that describe your research

Journal Guide

  1. Title of the Research paper
  2. Abstract of the Research paper

Springer – Journal Suggester

  1. Title of the Research paper
  2. Text of the Research paper
  3. Subject Area

Elsevier Journal Finder

To explore the pre-decided journal, Elsevier website can be used. However, to identify it from scratch, the journal finder tool is used. This tool given good results with percentage of acceptance of the research paper if communicated.

Obviously, Journals with high acceptance rate are always preferred…

Journal Finder

  1. Paper Title
  2. Paper Abstract
  3. Field of Research

Edanz Journal Selector (Beta)

  1. Field of Study
  2. Selecting
    1. Impact factor range
    2. Indexed in SCI-E
    3. Indexed in SCI
    4. With open access
    5. Frequency

Enago Open Access Journal Finder


  1. Abstract of the Manuscript

Journal/Author Name Estimator (JANE)

  1. Abstract of the manuscript

Springer Journal Selector (Beta)

It is good practice to send an email to couple of editors before you submit your research paper if you are not sure. Many scientists from research domain follow the same path. Initially, you may have to struggle with few research papers, eventually, your papers will be invited to be published in potential research journals.

Wish you Good Luck!

You may always submit your queries.

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