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The Database Management System – DBMS notes have been given for quick revision of DBMS subject. A Database is a collection of related data organised in a way that data can be easily accessed, managed and updated. E-R diagrams and their transformation to relational design Entity-relationship model is a model used for design and representation of relationships […]
There are many popular RDBMS available to work with. This tutorial gives a brief overview of some of the most popular RDBMS’s. This would help you to compare their basic features. MySQL MySQL is an open source SQL database, which is developed by a Swedish company – MySQL AB. MySQL is pronounced as “my ess-que-ell,” […]
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The study material has been explored for DBMS in UGC NET Computer Science and Application exam. Although there are large number of PDF and Video lectures available online, but indexing of right and precise material is still the major concern for aspirants. We shall provide you the indexing of standard and authenticated material for preparing […]
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UGC NET which is now NTA NET Computer Science and Application Paper II Syllabus: The NTA NET computer science syllabus has been updated for session July 2019.  This helps to create preparation strategy for NTA NET for Computer Science July 2018. The NET exam syllabus for computer science, is too vast as mentioned below. However, the preparation strategy […]
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