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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is trending since last decade, and many people are keen to know this domain. Usually IT experts tend to explore this field for Job Switch whereas freshers are heading towards Job Hunt due to an increase in unemployment. This increase is an essential step towards creating a better career path in terms […]
open research position
An opening is available for an OPEN RESEARCH POSITION at the University of Ljubljana in the area of deep learning for computer vision. The opening is available within a national research project funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS). The goal of the project is to develop deep learning models able to infer volumetric part-based models from visual data, e.g., […]
data sceince
Huge amount of study material is available on internet. Thousands of books on Data science are being sold. Many are embedding the copy paste material and some are even including ready-made codes. However, a good balance of the study material in layman language is required for every beginner to start with data science. Best books […]
career options after 12th
Network science has proved to be one of the most interesting research domain which has been adopted by many application domains. Eventually, after machine learning and soft computing techniques, researchers have shifted their attention to network science related areas. Network science is the dynamic analysis of graphical structure. Thus, the study of dynamics and structure […]
computer science research-paper
There are many resources through which one can gain knowledge by self learning. The idea behind this article is to promote the higher education and this list is an inspiration for those who wish to pursue higher education in self learning mode. This eventually boost up your confidence to break the monotonous lifestyle. Swayam NPTEL […]
career options after b tech
Introduction There is a famous quote which goes on to say “Inspirations lead to Aspirations”. This quote holds true for a large number of people. There are many stories of people who have achieved great success in their personal and professional life by following the footsteps of the people they idolize. They believe that these […]
Introduction For any given position, there are a set of duties that the job incumbent needs to carry out. In order to carry out these duties, they need to have certain abilities. These abilities to perform the assigned job duties are known as skills. A group of such skills is called as skill sets. For […]
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