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career options after b tech
Introduction There is a famous quote which goes on to say “Inspirations lead to Aspirations”. This quote holds true for a large number of people. There are many stories of people who have achieved great success in their personal and professional life by following the footsteps of the people they idolize. They believe that these […]
In India, after completing higher education, numerous candidates decide to pursue research in their chosen field, some due to crave to understand the facts around us, some with a dream to add Dr. with their names, some for the perks of higher studies and many other reasons. However, research candidates in India, when compared with […]
Computer science field has gone through a tremendous development in recent years since developing technologies, advanced knowledge and the surge of entrepreneurs has changed the way our world operates. As the opportunities in markets are flooding with candidates bearing ┬ádiploma or undergraduate degrees, the importance of higher education has started to rise sharply. More people […]
PhD Viva Questions research associate
It is one of the major concerns when you complete your PhD in science and technology is, to know which PhD Viva questions can be asked when you submit your thesis. During final viva, external can ask any type of PhD Viva questions regarding your thesis. The following questions are frequently asked and you should […]
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