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Research means finding something new. Great academicians say it is easy to pursue research. A novel invention is carried out based on the existing information about the product. Using bits and bytes to compile a new technique is a research. To solve something for welfare of society and to discover something innovative is termed as […]
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Turning 30’s brings significant turnover in life. For few it means adventurous life ahead and for other it means settlement and following routine untill death. It might be enough for you to get settled in monotonous lifestyle of job v/s home. In India, the decade of 1980’s to 1990’s centuary arouse from traditional farming, pottery […]
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This topic has been one of the most demanding topic by PhD aspirants to know the life of candidates of part-time PhD or full-time PhD. Are either of them really happy? Do they have time for other thing and if yes, then how much and when? and much more… After working as research scholar for […]
Many aspirants are looking forward for the research areas which he or she should follow. Few people are not intelligent enough to find the area of your interest. One you choose your research area for starting with your PhD, you will not be able to backtrack. This is because doing research in PhD is a […]
SCI/ SCIE indexed Journals are the most reputed journals in the field of Science and Engineering. It is expected that one should have completed rigorous deep and broad studies to give a potential review or survey paper. Publishing a reputed Survey paper gives you recommendations and reputation in terms of academics and career. Aspirants of […]
PhD is one of the most promising platform to flourish your knowledge and expertise. There could be various monetary and societal reasons for doing PhD. But actually, PhD is an essence of finding meaning to your livelihood and academic satisfaction about your commitment towards your work. It is always good to know basic terminologies of […]
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Introduction There is a famous quote which goes on to say “Inspirations lead to Aspirations”. This quote holds true for a large number of people. There are many stories of people who have achieved great success in their personal and professional life by following the footsteps of the people they idolize. They believe that these […]
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