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Natural Language Processing in Computer Science Research Natural language processing (NLP) is a sub-domain of computer science, information engineering, and artificial intelligence which deals with the interaction between computers and human (natural) languages, in particular how to program computers to process and analyze large amounts of data. Moreover, Big Data is another exciting area of […]
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The PhD degree is the most prestigious achievement in every discipline. It, not only make you specialist but also determines the level of understanding and capability to know and adapt the existing things and people around. It makes you little more mature and little more interesting. Once you fit in the tag of PhD, the […]
computer science
INTRODUCTION We always take help of computers to solve the problems faced by us since the time of invention of computers, in simple words computer is a machine that can perform different task to help us out. In industries computer perform many task like it can store many types of data files and do other […]
SCI/SSCI Journals List List of SCI/SSCI indexed Journals_2018 This list of SCI/ SSCI Journals ensures collection of world’s best journals. The list is impact factor-wise. One should choose one of these journals to publish their research work in SCI/SSCI indexed Journals or review paper in SCI/ SSCI indexed Journals. Good Luck! Post Views: 6,559 Share […]
computer science research-paper
Doing research is a great trend these days. Quality of your research paper is more important than that of quantity (Number of research articles/ book chapters). Other than the level of publishing research articles, which has been described in our previous articles, there exist another classification for the level of research articles namely national and […]
computer science research-paper
There are many resources through which one can gain knowledge by self learning. The idea behind this article is to promote the higher education and this list is an inspiration for those who wish to pursue higher education in self learning mode. This eventually boost up your confidence to break the monotonous lifestyle. Swayam NPTEL […]
How do you define research and research strategy? How can you identify if acquisition and selection of research papers is qualitative activity which has been performed by you. How will you find the development and implementation of existing techniques which have been described in existing research papers? How do I decide that which journals and […]
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